TimeSplitters: Future Perfect™
Mar 21, 2005
First-person Shooter
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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Albums

Released: TBA
Media Format: N/A
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1.Scotland the BraveGraeme Norgate5:34
2.Castle Tank BossGraeme Norgate2:45
3.The Russian ConnectionGraeme Norgate5:06
4.Khallos ExpressGraeme Norgate3:28
5.Khallos Express - HelicopterGraeme Norgate2:49
6.The Mansion of MadnessGraeme Norgate5:29
7.What Lies Below - CompleteGraeme Norgate4:57
8.What Lies Below - StealthGraeme Norgate6:23
9.What Lies Below - AttackGraeme Norgate3:42
10.Breaking and EnteringChristian Marcussen5:03
11.You Genius, U-GenixChristian Marcussen5:05
12.Machine WarsChristian Marcussen5:44
13.Something to Crow AboutChristian Marcussen5:22
14.Something to Crow About - FinaleChristian Marcussen2:36
15.Future PerfectChristian Marcussen5:54
16.Crow BossChristian Marcussen2:49
17.Crow Boss - FinaleChristian Marcussen2:06
18.Splitter Crow BossGraeme Norgate3:28
TOTAL TIME: 1:18:20


1.Mars PrisonChristian Marcussen5:24
2.Mind the Gap "Subway"Goteki6:59
3.VietnamChristian Marcussen6:30
4.SpaceportGraeme Norgate7:32
5.Who's the Mummy "Temple"Goteki5:53
6.ZeppelinGraeme Norgate6:14
7.VeniceGraeme Norgate8:20
8.TS3 SiberiaChristian Marcussen6:08
9.Horror HotelGraeme Norgate8:16
10.Disco A GogoGraeme Norgate6:21
11.Bunker DeathmatchChristian Marcussen5:29
TOTAL TIME: 1:13:06


1.TS3 MenuGraeme Norgate2:21
2.Battle ResultsGraeme Norgate0:12
3.Mission CompleteGraeme Norgate0:02
4.Mission FailedGraeme Norgate0:46
5.Metal Lab TilesetGraeme Norgate4:15
6.Horror TilesetGraeme Norgate4:36
7.Egyptian TilesetGraeme Norgate4:53
8.TS3 Virtual TilesetGraeme Norgate5:41
9.Like a RobotGoteki6:01
10.Like a Robot - Instrumental VersionGoteki5:55
11.Like a MonkeyGoteki5:50
12.Movie Suite - ActionGraeme Norgate5:47
13.Movie Suite - Sneak - Good GuysGraeme Norgate10:55
14.Movie Suite - Sneak - Bad GuysGraeme Norgate7:56
TOTAL TIME: 1:05:10