Darkwatch™: Curse of the West
Aug 16, 2005
First-person Shooter
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Darkwatch: Curse of the West


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The first project by the U.S.-based internal development team at Sammy, Darkwatch is a sci-fi western first-person shooter for PS2 and Xbox. Best described as Halo meets Silverado, Darkwatch tells the story of the unlucky cowboy Jericho Cross. A train robber by trade, Jericho spots an unusual target racing down the tracks under the light of the full moon and decides to pillage it as his final score before retiring. Jericho is shocked to discover that the unusually designed train is packed with rotting bodies with a humanoid look he cannot recognize. Cross soon finds himself in a battle for his life against a horde of vampires and other nasties.


Fight the demons within and follow the narrow path of what is right or succumb to the evil inside and quench your thirst on the blood of innocents
Upgrade your vampire abilities as you blast through hordes of the living dead
In-game characters and plot respond to the reputation you build
Rend the enemy limb from limb with location specific damage
Add melee combat to your first person shooting skills, using the blades attached to your many weapons