Psi-Ops™: The Mindgate Conspiracy
Jun 14, 2004
Third-person Shooter
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Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy


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The player's mind becomes the ultimate weapon in Psi-Ops, where stealth action and psychic abilities are combined to create the ultimate special missions operative. Nick Scryer, a talented American Psi-Operative uses an assortment of traditional weapons as well as his unique mind powers to stop a group of terrorists bent on creating global chaos. Strategically infiltrate seven levels within four major enemy compounds, while outsmarting challenging enemy AI and discovering multiple paths through non-linear missions. Use powerful psychic abilities such as telekinesis to move people and objects, pyrokinesis to project a wall of fire, mind-control, remote viewing, aura view and mind drain.


Telekinesis. The ability to pick up people & objects and hold, move or throw in any direction
Pyrokinesis. The ability to launch a wall of fire that ignites everything in its path
Mind Control. The ability to take control of enemy bodies
Remote Viewing. The ability to go out of body to see through walls or doors in order to plan your attack and or get information you would not be able to get in physical form