Resident Evil Outbreak File #2

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Continuing the dramatic story of an epidemic caused by a secret biological weapon infecting the people of Raccoon City, Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 brings longtime survival horror fans back into the world of online terror. Citizens are turning into flesh-eating zombies and swarming the streets, while only a few desperate survivors remain. Totaling eight characters in all, each survivor has different and unique abilities that they must use to escape the city before the government annihilates it with a deadly hydrogen bomb. Brand new scenarios, improved computer AI, additional character powers, and faster load times are but a few of the game's new additions since the previous version. Developed exclusively for the PlayStation 2.


Five terrifying new scenarios and locales including a zoo, the subway and police station
Interactive, expansive environments
Online mode up to 4 players
Advanced communication system in online mode
Supports cross overdata use items earned from Resident Evil Outbreak in this game and vice versa