Lumines™ Live!
Oct 18, 2006
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Lumines Live!


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Frenetic puzzle action! Dazzling background videos! A fresh installment to the original blockbuster puzzle series has landed on Xbox Live Arcade: Lumines Live! Harnessing the power of Xbox 360, Lumines Live! is a deep and entertaining game experience, enhanced with vibrant music and newly designed skins that you can custom-select in Skin Edit mode.

Lumines Live! even features full multiplayer mode on Xbox Live, unleashing leaderboards, achievements, gamer scores, online competitive modes, and more on Xbox Live gamers. Expand your Lumines Live! experience with additional downloadable content via Xbox Live Marketplace, including new puzzles, skins, and music.


Full online multiplayer play over Xbox Live – battle your friends head-to-head
Classic Lumines gameplay, including Challenge, Puzzle and vs. CPU modes
All-new Skin Edit Mode allows you to re-mix the order of your unlocked skins to create a custom Lumines experience
All-new Mission mode presents player with pre-designed Lumines puzzle scenarios
Dynamic skins, sound effects and music optimized specifically for Lumines Live! in high-definition graphics and 5.1 channel surround audio
Extensive downloadable content support over Xbox Live Marketplace – add new skins, puzzles, missions, artist packs and more
Full suite of online leaderboards Achievements and Gamerscore