Red Dead Redemption™
May 18, 2010
Action-adventure, Third-person Shooter
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Red Dead Redemption Albums

Released: May 18, 2010
Media Format: Digital Download, 1 CD, 2 Vinyl
Catalog Number: N/A
1.Born Unto TroubleBill Elm, Woody Jackson3:10
2.The ShootistBill Elm, Woody Jackson4:17
3.Dead End AlleyBill Elm, Woody Jackson2:05
4.HorseplayBill Elm, Woody Jackson3:48
5.Luz Y SombraBill Elm, Woody Jackson5:19
6.El Club De Los CuerposBill Elm, Woody Jackson6:23
7.EstanciaBill Elm, Woody Jackson2:01
8.(Theme From) Red Dead RedemptionBill Elm, Woody Jackson5:37
9.TriggernometryBill Elm, Woody Jackson5:22
10.GunplayBill Elm, Woody Jackson1:26
11.Redemption In DubBill Elm, Woody Jackson2:09
12.Muertos Rojos (aka The Gunslinger's Lament)Bill Elm, Woody Jackson5:49
13.The Outlaw's ReturnBill Elm, Woody Jackson6:52
14.Exodus In AmericaBill Elm, Woody Jackson4:58
15.Already DeadBill Elm, Woody Jackson1:30
16.Far AwayJosé González4:37
17.Compass (Red Dead On Arrival Version)Jamie Lidell2:56
18.Deadman's GunAshtar Command4:14
19.Bury Me Not On The Lone PrairieWilliam Elliott Whitmore2:21
20.Old Friends, New ProblemsBill Elm, Woody Jackson
TOTAL TIME: 1:14:54
Released: Nov 23, 2010
Media Format: Digital Download, CD
Catalog Number: N/A
1.Undead NightmareBill Elm, Woody Jackson1:06
2.Zombie CorpseplayBill Elm, Woody Jackson2:53
3.Get Back In That Hole, PartnerBill Elm, Woody Jackson2:35
4.Army of UndeadBill Elm, Woody Jackson2:22
5.ChupacabraBill Elm, Woody Jackson3:17
6.Zombie PeyoteBill Elm, Woody Jackson1:41
7.Ojo MuertoBill Elm, Woody Jackson1:49
8.Blunderbuss BluesBill Elm, Woody Jackson1:57
9.Four Horses Of The ApocalypseBill Elm, Woody Jackson5:03
10.Blackwater, U.S.A.Bill Elm, Woody Jackson5:18
11.Undead RedemptionBill Elm, Woody Jackson1:39
12.Missing SoulsBill Elm, Woody Jackson1:31
13.A Man Ready For AnythingBill Elm, Woody Jackson1:56
14.Showdown At EscaleraBill Elm, Woody Jackson2:42
15.Bad VoodooKreeps3:35
16.Dead Man WalkingKreeps3:49
17.Dead SledKreeps2:08
18.Stinkin' ZombiesMisterio3:11