Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes


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In a joint development effort between Silicon Knights, Nintendo and Konami, the classic PlayStation hit Metal Gear Solid is recreated with updated graphics and an expanded story on the Nintendo GameCube. This overhauled version of the PSX best-seller features graphics on par with the MGS sequels on PlayStation 2. Snake is able to hang from ledges, shoot from a first-person perspective, and hide himself and enemies in lockers. In addition cinematics and audio (featuring all the original voice actors and added music), the game also packs additional weapons, story points, and added replay options.


Luxuriously fuses the story of MGS and the visuals of MGS2
Incorporates actions from MGS2 such as first-person shooting
From Hideo Kojima, original creator of the Metal Gear series
Exclusively on Nintendo GameCube