Pac-Man World™ 2
Mar 19, 2002
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Pac-Man World 2

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The evil Ghosts strike again, picking the magical golden fruit from the ancient tree and unleashing mayhem throughout Pac-Land. Luckily, Pac-Man isn't all about mazes anymore. He has matured and found his way to the next generation consoles to guide you through six worlds, 15 mazes and 20 levels. While there are some mazes, Pac-Man has strayed away from its traditional ways and found full 3D gameplay. In addition to classic pill-popping, Pac-Man has acquired new powers like flip kicking, in-line skating, ice-skating and driving a submarine. The game also include unlockable arcade games, like the classic Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and more.


Six worlds and 20 levels to explore
Play a variety of arcade games and traditional 3D Pac-Mazes
New skills include in-line skating and ice-skating
Explore stages in the new Pac-Sub
New mechanics like the Shimmy and Flip Kick
Also includes: Pac-Man Arcade, Ms. Pac-Man Arcade, Pac-Mania Arcade, Pac-Attack Arcade, Pac-Man World 2 Maze Arcade