Vigilante 8™
Jan 31, 2000
Car Combat
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Vigilante 8


The world has been weakened by an oil crisis, and growing civil unrest makes it impossible for law enforcement to protect rural areas. In order to regain order, countries must buy oil from the only organization that has any, OMAR. However, the United States is unwilling to pay the exorbitant prices. Fearing that other countries might follow the U.S.'s lead, OMAR hires a terrorist to frighten the U.S. into buying oil. They do this by terrorizing the loosely protected rural areas. Everywhere their vehicles go, death and destruction follow. Hoping to put and end to the terrorist threat, Cowboy a former truck driver forms the Vigilantes. Given the best weapons technology available, the Vigilantes are out to stop the terrorists and restore peace to the U.S. in Vigilante 8. Do you have what it takes to be a Vigilante?


Fight terrorists
Vehicular combat
Variety of weapons
Multiple playable characters
Set in a bleak future