Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Albums

Released: Dec 15, 2004
Media Format: 2 CD
Catalog Number: KOLA-089~90

Disc 1

1.Snake EaterCynthia Harrell2:53
2."METAL GEAR SOLID" Main Theme (METAL GEAR SOLID 3 Version)Harry Gregson-Williams6:27
3.CQCHarry Gregson-Williams2:23
4.Virtuous MissionHarry Gregson-Williams6:04
5.On The Ground ~ Battle In The JungleNorihiko Hibino3:50
6.KGBVSGRUHarry Gregson-Williams3:43
7.ShagohodHarry Gregson-Williams3:42
8.Operation Snake EaterNorihiko Hibino1:14
9.Mission BriefingHarry Gregson-Williams3:05
10.Across The Border ~ Snake Meets The BossHarry Gregson-Williams3:06
11.Eva's UnveilingNobuko Toda, Norihiko Hibino1:46
12.Ocelot Youth ~ ConfrontationHarry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino3:08
13.The Cobras In The JungleHarry Gregson-Williams3:26
14.The PainNorihiko Hibino1:49
15.The FearNorihiko Hibino2:08
16.Fortress SneakingHarry Gregson-Williams2:09
17.Underground TunnelHarry Gregson-Williams2:49
18.The FuryNorihiko Hibino2:19
19.Surfing Guitar66 Boys3:03
21.Salty Catfish66 Boys3:22
22.Old Metal GearStarry.K4:26
TOTAL TIME: 1:10:20

Disc 2

1.Battle In The BaseNorihiko Hibino4:13
2.Volgin, The TorturerHarry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino2:13
3.The Sorrow ~ Everlasting FightHarry Gregson-Williams, Shuichi Kobori3:45
4.Clash With Evil PersonifiedNorihiko Hibino1:47
5.Sidecar -Escape From The Fortress-Harry Gregson-Williams2:02
6.Sidecar -On The Rail Bridge-Harry Gregson-Williams2:14
7.Takin' On The ShagohodNorihiko Hibino1:59
8.Escape Through The WoodsNorihiko Hibino3:33
9.Troops In GatheringHarry Gregson-Williams1:51
10.Life's EndHarry Gregson-Williams1:45
11.Last ShowdownNorihiko Hibino3:07
12.The Return Of The MiGsNorihiko Hibino1:45
13.Don't Be AfraidElisa Fiorillo5:48
14.Eva's ReminiscenceNorihiko Hibino4:49
15.DebriefingHarry Gregson-Williams7:18
16.Way To FallStarsailor4:27
17.Rock Me Baby66 Boys2:25
18.Pillow TalkStarry.K5:14
19.Jumpin' JohnnyChunk Raspberry3:23
20.Sea BreezeSergei Mantis3:38
21.Snake vs MonkeyKobo1:32
TOTAL TIME: 1:08:48
Released: Nov 17, 2004
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: KOLA-082
1.Snake EaterCynthia Harrell2:53
2."METAL GEAR SOLID" Main Theme (METAL GEAR SOLID 3 Version)Harry Gregson-Williams6:27
3.Don't Be AfraidElisa Fiorillo5:48
4.Snake Eater (Instrumental)Cynthia Harrell2:53
Released: Dec 16, 2004
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: KMJ 00036
1.Snake Eater (abstracted camouflage)Cynthia Harrell6:31
2.Infiltration into the JungleNorihiko Hibino4:09
3.EscapeNorihiko Hibino1:57
4.ChivalryNorihiko Hibino3:16
5.The Treading BehemothNorihiko Hibino2:00
6.Snake Eater (Japanese version)Akiko Wada4:58
Released: May 12, 2004
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: KCEJ-0002
1.Snake Eater (abstracted camouflage)Cynthia Harrell6:31
Released: Nov 23, 2011
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: N/A
3.Snake EaterCynthia Harrell2:53
4.Don't Be AfraidElisa Fiorillo5:48
5.Way To FallStarsailor4:27
8.Snake Eater (Instrumental)Cynthia Harrell2:53