PixelJunk™ Eden
Jul 31, 2008
Platform, Puzzle
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PixelJunk Eden


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The third game in Q-Games' downloadable quick-play games collectively called "PixelJunk".

In this psychedelic platform game, the player will find themselves submersed amongst towering alien plant-life. Within this constantly evolving and vibrant environment, the player leaps and swings between the lush plants, smashing into bizarre enemies and navigating around the undergrowth to gather treasures and pollen to grow more plants. Through various levels, the player is treated to stylish 1080p graphics, a unique techno soundtrack and addictive fluid gameplay. PixelJunk Eden also supports both single and co-op play with up to three players.


Visual Appeal in Full HD
Dynamic Animations and Effects
DualShock 3 Support
Trophy Support
Up to 3 player co-operative play
Online Support - Players can track single-player and co-op high scores on the online leaderboards
Remote Play - Supports Remote Play for PSP system