Conker's Bad Fur Day™
Mar 5, 2001
Action-adventure, Platform

Conker's Bad Fur Day

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Humorous action-platformer that does away with the tedious item collection found in most games in the genre. Instead, BFD employs a combination of standard jump, run and explore mechanics and context-sensitive gags and actions. For instance, in the beginning of the game, by pressing the B button on the first pad he encounters, Conker drinks some Alka-Seltzer to wipe out his hangover, at which point players can proceed forward. Later on these pads are used to activate a slingshot and throwing knives; to turn Conker into an anvil and drop downward; to shoot automatic, double-handed guns; to activate a The Matrix-inspired slow-motion effect and flip through the air shooting enemies; and much, much more.


Stars Rare mascot character Conker in his own 3D action-platformer
Features more than seven different worlds with 60+ sub-chapters to explore
Detailed in-game cut-scenes with character facial expressions and lip-synched voice acting
Context sensitive action system offers players a never-ending variety of special moves
Massive multiplayer mode offers several different types of play with support for up to four gamers
Features violence, profanity, drug use and sexual content that is inappropriate for gamers under the age of 18
Save to cartridge (three save slots available)