Gex™ 64: Enter the Gecko
Aug 31, 1998
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Gex 64: Enter the Gecko


Gex is appearing in his own game on the Nintendo 64 with GEX 64: Enter the Gecko. The series jumps to 3D, adding a whole new dimension of playability to the title. The story is simple, as it sets up a reason for Gex to visit various levels that are based on famous movies or television shows. Gex is a unique character he fights off enemies with his tail, and is voiced by comedian Dana Gould. Gex rattles off plenty of witty one-liners as he finishes off enemies and travels through the various levels. To advance, the player must search each location and find different objects that will open up the later levels, while dealing with ruthless and unique enemies. GEX 64: Enter the Gecko makes a giant step towards combining humor and satire in videogames, which only helps to make the title more interesting and exciting to play.


Over 30 levels in 6 worlds
Over 30 characters
Variety of puzzles and power-ups
Clear sound and background music