Gex™ 3: Deep Pocket Gecko
Dec 29, 1999
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Gex 3: Deep Pocket Gecko


While taking a vacation on a remote South Pacific island, Gex receives a call to duty. Rez has kidnapped Agent Xtra, and only the gecko with attitude, Gex, can save her. You must help Gex navigate through 11 levels of action, each with a set number of missions. By completing the missions, Gex will earn remote controls, which he will need in order to make it to the final stage. In addition to the remotes, bonus coins are scattered throughout the game. By collecting them, bonus stages open for even more action. While working his way through the levels, Gex will have to run, jump, swim, glide, and tail-whip his way through the action. Help Gex defeat Rez and rescue Agent Xtra in GEX 3: Deep Pocket Gecko.


15 levels including bonus levels
Moves include running, jumping, swimming, and tail whipping
Save passwords