Mario Party Albums

Released: TBA
Media Format: N/A
Catalog Number: N/A
1.OpeningYasunori Mitsuda3:19
2.Mario Party ThemeYasunori Mitsuda0:35
3.Playing the GameYasunori Mitsuda1:30
4.Peaceful Mushroom VillageYasunori Mitsuda0:36
5.Mushroom Bank ThemeYasunori Mitsuda0:40
6.Option House ThemeYasunori Mitsuda0:43
7.Mushroom Shop ThemeYasunori Mitsuda0:48
8.Mini-Game House ThemeYasunori Mitsuda0:37
9.Traveling the Warp PipeYasunori Mitsuda0:39
10.Adventure BeginsYasunori Mitsuda1:16
11.Where Have the Stars GoneYasunori Mitsuda0:26
12.Jungle AdventureYasunori Mitsuda1:47
13.Birthday CakeYasunori Mitsuda1:34
14.Tropical IslandYasunori Mitsuda2:10
15.Battle CanyonYasunori Mitsuda1:48
16.Engine RoomYasunori Mitsuda1:22
17.Rainbow CastleYasunori Mitsuda1:38
18.Play a Mini-Game!Yasunori Mitsuda0:42
19.In the Mushroom ForestYasunori Mitsuda1:38
20.Ducking and DodgingYasunori Mitsuda1:11
21.Full of DangerYasunori Mitsuda1:19
22.The Wide, Wide OceanYasunori Mitsuda1:38
23.Coins of the WorldYasunori Mitsuda0:59
24.Taking CoinsYasunori Mitsuda0:30
25.Let's Go LightlyYasunori Mitsuda1:38
26.Faster Than AllYasunori Mitsuda1:01
27.The Room UndergroundYasunori Mitsuda0:47
28.Slowly, SlowlyYasunori Mitsuda0:39
29.Can It Be Done?Yasunori Mitsuda0:26
30.Dodging DangerYasunori Mitsuda0:53
31.Saving CourageYasunori Mitsuda0:52
32.Move To The Mambo!Yasunori Mitsuda1:53
33.Let's Limbo!Yasunori Mitsuda0:59
34.Hit or Miss Chance GameYasunori Mitsuda0:50
35.Bowser's Chance GameYasunori Mitsuda0:28
36.Koopa Troopa ThemeYasunori Mitsuda0:37
37.Bowser's ThemeYasunori Mitsuda1:21
38.Outcome of AdventureYasunori Mitsuda1:10
39.Magma MountainYasunori Mitsuda1:46
40.Eternal StarYasunori Mitsuda2:14
41.The Stolen StarYasunori Mitsuda1:10
42.Message From BowserYasunori Mitsuda0:05
43.Rising StarsYasunori Mitsuda0:36
44.Mario's Bandstand 1Yasunori Mitsuda0:25
45.Mario's Bandstand 2Yasunori Mitsuda0:25
46.Mario's Bandstand 3Yasunori Mitsuda0:25
47.Mini Game IslandYasunori Mitsuda1:30
48.Mini Game StadiumYasunori Mitsuda1:30
49.Mini Game Victory 1Yasunori Mitsuda0:03
50.Mini Game Victory 2Yasunori Mitsuda0:05
51.Mini Game Victory 3Yasunori Mitsuda0:06
52.Mini Game Victory 4Yasunori Mitsuda0:03
53.Mini Game Victory 5Yasunori Mitsuda0:04
54.Mini Game Victory 6Yasunori Mitsuda0:05
55.Slot Car Derby StartYasunori Mitsuda0:03
56.Board Map FanfareYasunori Mitsuda0:05
57.Board Map OverviewYasunori Mitsuda0:24
58.Clear!Yasunori Mitsuda0:04
59.Miss!Yasunori Mitsuda0:03
60.Clear! (One Mini-Game Twice)Yasunori Mitsuda0:04
61.ResultsYasunori Mitsuda0:25
62.Board OutroYasunori Mitsuda0:33
63.WinnerYasunori Mitsuda0:33
64.After The VictoryYasunori Mitsuda1:03
65.Everyone's a Super Star!Yasunori Mitsuda3:45
TOTAL TIME: 1:00:33