Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II

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GameCube version of Sonic Team's award-winning online RPG, featuring two games in one. Episode I gives you all the hit content and gameplay from the original PSO and PSO ver.2. Episode II brings an all-new full-length adventure in which you'll face real-time combat with enemies that are more powerful than ever before. New levels, like the breath-taking mountain and beach stages, give you expanded areas of gameplay and deep, lush worlds to explore. You'll also be given all-new quests to complete, additional weapons to master, and lots more rare items to find. Choose your character from the original three classes, each with a fourth new being. For intense offline gameplay, team up or compete with up to three of your fellow Hunters on the same console for a split-screen battle.


New split-screen action lets up to four heroes team up or compete on the same Nintendo GameCube
All of the content from PSO and PSO ver.2, plus a new full-length adventure
Test your endurance with Challenge Mode, or reign as the supreme champion of player vs. player combat in Battle Mode
Real-time combat against new, more powerful monsters
New dungeons and areas to explore, new rare items to find, and new quests to download