Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Albums

Released: Nov 29, 2001
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: KMCA-127
1."Metal Gear Solid" Main ThemeHarry Gregson-Williams3:48
2.Opening InfiltrationHarry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino3:40
3.Russian Soldiers from KasatkaHarry Gregson-Williams2:18
4.Olga GurlukovichHarry Gregson-Williams2:07
5.Metal Gear?Harry Gregson-Williams1:41
6.Revolver OcelotHarry Gregson-Williams2:05
7.RAY EscapesHarry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino2:49
8.Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday (Piano Version)Rika Muranaka4:05
9.Big ShellHarry Gregson-Williams2:04
10.FortuneNorihiko Hibino3:05
11.Kill Me Now!Harry Gregson-Williams1:00
12.VampHarry Gregson-Williams1:27
13.The World Needs Only One Big Boss!Harry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino1:45
14.It's the Harrier!Harry Gregson-Williams0:58
15.Arsenal is Going to Take Off!Harry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino1:36
16.Who Am I Really?Norihiko Hibino2:33
17.Can't Say Goodbye to YesterdayCarla White7:49
Released: Jan 26, 2002
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: KMCA-144
1.Tanker IncidentNorihiko Hibino9:26
2.The Elevator up to HellNorihiko Hibino0:46
3.Vamp's DanceNorihiko Hibino5:33
4.InfiltrationNorihiko Hibino1:58
5.BattleNorihiko Hibino2:25
6.Peter's ThemeNorihiko Hibino1:39
7.Countdown to DisasterNorihiko Hibino1:41
8.Lady Luck RevisitedNorihiko Hibino1:33
9.Yell "Dead Cell"Norihiko Hibino1:57
10.Metal Gear's Already Active !Norihiko Hibino3:00
11.Arms DepotNorihiko Hibino1:55
12.Memories of HalNorihiko Hibino2:29
13.Twilight SnipingNorihiko Hibino2:27
14.Will the Virus Still Work ?Norihiko Hibino2:47
15.ComradeshipNorihiko Hibino2:52
16.ReminiscenceNorihiko Hibino2:16
17.Arsenal's GutsNorihiko Hibino2:47
18.Prelude to the DenouementNorihiko Hibino3:08
19.Father and SonNorihiko Hibino2:23
20.Freedom to DecideNorihiko Hibino3:18
Released: Dec 19, 2002
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: KMJ-0009
1."Metal Gear Solid" main theme (document remix)Norihiko Hibino2:10
2.Snake in VR mission -weapon-Norihiko Hibino1:53
3.Snake in VR mission -sneaking-Norihiko Hibino2:10
4.Raiden in VR mission -weapon-Norihiko Hibino2:26
5.Raiden in VR mission -sneaking-Norihiko Hibino2:34
6.VR variety missionNorihiko Hibino1:56
7.VS GenolaNorihiko Hibino1:58
8.Tuxedo SnakeNorihiko Hibino1:54
9.Mission in the dark -sneaking-Norihiko Hibino1:40
10.Mission in the dark -action-Norihiko Hibino3:07
11.Alternative mission -photo shoot-Norihiko Hibino2:11
12.MGS1 Snake in VR mission -weapon-Norihiko Hibino1:52
13.MGS1 Snake in VR mission -sneaking-Norihiko Hibino2:44
14."Metal Gear Solid" main theme (skateboarding remix)Kanji Onari3:18
Released: Dec 19, 2002
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: KMJ-0010
1.Can't Say Goodbye to YesterdayCarla White7:49
2.Opening Infiltration A (Harry's original mix)Harry Gregson-Williams3:00
3.Opening Infiltration B (Harry's original mix)Harry Gregson-Williams1:11
4.Revolver Ocelot (Harry's original mix)Harry Gregson-Williams1:59
5.Arsenal Is Going to Take Off! A (Harry's original mix)Harry Gregson-Williams2:08
6.Arsenal Is Going to Take Off! B (Harry's original mix)Harry Gregson-Williams0:49
7.The World Needs Only One Big Boss! (Harry's original mix)Harry Gregson-Williams0:46
8.Yell "Dead Cell" (VR remix)Norihiko Hibino2:22
9.VR "Remixed" Weapon MissionNorihiko Hibino5:24
10.VR "Remixed" Sneaking MissionNorihiko Hibino2:34
11.VR "Remixed" Variety MissionNorihiko Hibino2:25
12.Tanker Incident (alternative remix)Norihiko Hibino3:09
13.Electronic EmmaNorihiko Hibino3:56
14.Next Generation (part 1)Norihiko Hibino1:30
15.Next Generation (part 2)UME2:05
16."Metal Gear Solid" main theme (document remix)Norihiko Hibino2:10
17.Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday (piano remix)Rika Muranaka6:12
18."Metal Gear Solid" Main ThemeHarry Gregson-Williams3:48
Released: Dec 15, 2004
Media Format: 2 CD
Catalog Number: KOLA-089~90

Disc 1

1.Snake EaterCynthia Harrell2:53
2."METAL GEAR SOLID" Main Theme (METAL GEAR SOLID 3 Version)Harry Gregson-Williams6:27
3.CQCHarry Gregson-Williams2:23
4.Virtuous MissionHarry Gregson-Williams6:04
5.On The Ground ~ Battle In The JungleNorihiko Hibino3:50
6.KGBVSGRUHarry Gregson-Williams3:43
7.ShagohodHarry Gregson-Williams3:42
8.Operation Snake EaterNorihiko Hibino1:14
9.Mission BriefingHarry Gregson-Williams3:05
10.Across The Border ~ Snake Meets The BossHarry Gregson-Williams3:06
11.Eva's UnveilingNobuko Toda, Norihiko Hibino1:46
12.Ocelot Youth ~ ConfrontationHarry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino3:08
13.The Cobras In The JungleHarry Gregson-Williams3:26
14.The PainNorihiko Hibino1:49
15.The FearNorihiko Hibino2:08
16.Fortress SneakingHarry Gregson-Williams2:09
17.Underground TunnelHarry Gregson-Williams2:49
18.The FuryNorihiko Hibino2:19
19.Surfing Guitar66 Boys3:03
21.Salty Catfish66 Boys3:22
22.Old Metal GearStarry.K4:26
TOTAL TIME: 1:10:20

Disc 2

1.Battle In The BaseNorihiko Hibino4:13
2.Volgin, The TorturerHarry Gregson-Williams, Norihiko Hibino2:13
3.The Sorrow ~ Everlasting FightHarry Gregson-Williams, Shuichi Kobori3:45
4.Clash With Evil PersonifiedNorihiko Hibino1:47
5.Sidecar -Escape From The Fortress-Harry Gregson-Williams2:02
6.Sidecar -On The Rail Bridge-Harry Gregson-Williams2:14
7.Takin' On The ShagohodNorihiko Hibino1:59
8.Escape Through The WoodsNorihiko Hibino3:33
9.Troops In GatheringHarry Gregson-Williams1:51
10.Life's EndHarry Gregson-Williams1:45
11.Last ShowdownNorihiko Hibino3:07
12.The Return Of The MiGsNorihiko Hibino1:45
13.Don't Be AfraidElisa Fiorillo5:48
14.Eva's ReminiscenceNorihiko Hibino4:49
15.DebriefingHarry Gregson-Williams7:18
16.Way To FallStarsailor4:27
17.Rock Me Baby66 Boys2:25
18.Pillow TalkStarry.K5:14
19.Jumpin' JohnnyChunk Raspberry3:23
20.Sea BreezeSergei Mantis3:38
21.Snake vs MonkeyKobo1:32
TOTAL TIME: 1:08:48
Released: Nov 17, 2004
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: KOLA-082
1.Snake EaterCynthia Harrell2:53
2."METAL GEAR SOLID" Main Theme (METAL GEAR SOLID 3 Version)Harry Gregson-Williams6:27
3.Don't Be AfraidElisa Fiorillo5:48
4.Snake Eater (Instrumental)Cynthia Harrell2:53
Released: Dec 16, 2004
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: KMJ 00036
1.Snake Eater (abstracted camouflage)Cynthia Harrell6:31
2.Infiltration into the JungleNorihiko Hibino4:09
3.EscapeNorihiko Hibino1:57
4.ChivalryNorihiko Hibino3:16
5.The Treading BehemothNorihiko Hibino2:00
6.Snake Eater (Japanese version)Akiko Wada4:58
Released: Nov 23, 2011
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: N/A
2.Can't Say Goodbye to YesterdayCarla White7:49
3.Snake EaterCynthia Harrell2:53
4.Don't Be AfraidElisa Fiorillo5:48
5.Way To FallStarsailor4:27
7.Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday (Instrumental)Carla White7:48
8.Snake Eater (Instrumental)Cynthia Harrell2:53
Games on Collection
PlayStation 2Mar 3, 2003
Konami's re-release of the popular Metal Gear Solid 2 title, on PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC, expands gameplay with added options, and features. The largest addition to gameplay are the over 200 fun and challenging VR missions split between four specific modes-- Sneaking mode, Weapon mode, First Person View mode, and Variety mode. In addition to VR missions, Alternative missions have also been included; allowing players to test their skills in Bom…
PlayStation 2Mar 14, 2006
A PS2-exclusive expanded release of Hideo Kojima's powerful and dazzling Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. For Subsistence, a new 3rd Person View Camera" gives a controllable, low-angle view of the action for a more intense stealth-action experience with the character. Also included is a new multiplayer online mode -- choose "Team Battle" or "Snake vs. Enemies" and carry out missions cooperatively or competitively. Expanding further with Subsisten…