Fat Princess


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Fat Princess pits two hordes of players against each other in comic medieval battle royale. Your goal is to rescue your beloved princess from the enemy dungeon. There’s a catch though: your adversary has been stuffing her with food to fatten her up and it’s going to take most of your army working together to carry her back across the battlefield.

You can switch between five different character classes literally at the drop of a hat: the fearless Warrior, the steadfast Archer, the mystical Mage, the tireless Worker, and the deadly Priest. In order to triumph, players must combine their skills and work together. The name of the game is cooperation, whether it’s helping another player drag a log back to your castle, manning a battering ram to smash through the enemy’s front gate, or building a human pyramid to scramble over the walls.


5 Character Classes -- Change your character class and team role at any time merely by swapping hats. Character classes include Worker, Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Priest.
8 Unique Levels -- There are eight battlefield maps total, shared across single & multiplayer modes, plus two special arena-style single-player levels.
Online Multiplayer -- Jump in and join as many as 32 players online to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Coordinate your attack with in-game voice chat.
Single Player Campaign -- Play through all ten chapters to learn the story of the fat princesses. For quick action, battle bots in the Gladiator Arena.
Resources & Upgrades -- Work together to collect resources to upgrade your weapons and castle defenses.
Unique Game Modes -- Select from four different game types: Rescue the Princess, Snatch ‘n Grab, Team Deathmatch and Invasion.
Customizable Avatars -- Create your own personal avatar before you charge into battle. Unlock new customization options during gameplay.