Phantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. Revolution

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Sonic Team's latest edition to the Phantasy Star universe is a card battle game that takes place six years after Pioneer 2 reached Ragol's orbit. Principal Tyrell has been replaced by newcomer Dol Grisen since Tyrell wasn't able to explain the explosion that destroyed Pioneer 1. A new technology dubbed "C.A.R.D." makes it possible to trap things like weapons and animals into cards, which can then be used in battle. The strategy, like with most card based games, is in choosing the right cards. Studying up on the character class of your opponent will aid you in tailoring a deck to suit your needs. C.A.R.D. offers a single-player quest and online play for a party of four.


Play on or offline and choose to play the "Light" or "Dark" decks
Hundreds of cards allow for an impressive collection of weapons, creatures and spells
Turn-based combat system with decks of cards
Win additional cards in battles and trade with fellow players
Fully playable offline and via the GameCube's Modems or Broadband Adapter