Resident Evil 2 Albums

Released: Jan 29, 1998
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: CPCA-1001
1.The Beginning Of StoryMasami Ueda3:43
2.Annette's RecollectionShusaku Uchiyama, Syun Nishigaki2:17
3.Normal End TitleMasami Ueda1:42
4.Special End TitleMasami Ueda2:16
5.Credit Line Of Whole StaffMasami Ueda2:33
6.PrologueMasami Ueda1:29
7.Racoon CityMasami Ueda1:47
8.The Front HallMasami Ueda1:52
9.The First FloorShusaku Uchiyama3:04
10.The Second FloorShusaku Uchiyama2:54
11.Secure PlaceMasami Ueda0:54
12.Leon With ClaireMasami Ueda1:27
13.The LibraryMasami Ueda1:40
14.Sherry's ThemeShusaku Uchiyama1:42
15.The Basement Of Police StationShusaku Uchiyama2:02
16."T"-AMasami Ueda1:19
17.The First Malformation Of "G"Masami Ueda2:17
18.Ada's ThemeMasami Ueda1:20
19.The Marshalling Yard (The First Half)Masami Ueda2:28
20.The Marshalling Yard (The Second Half)Masami Ueda3:41
21.The Second Malformation Of "G"Masami Ueda1:36
22.The Underground LaboratoryNaoshi Mizuta2:29
23.Is Ada Spy!?Syun Nishigaki2:26
24.Escape From LaboratorySyun Nishigaki3:05
25.Good Bye, Leon...Syun Nishigaki2:24
26.MotherSyun Nishigaki2:01
27.One More KissShusaku Uchiyama1:03
28."T"-BMasami Ueda2:50
29.The Third Malformation Of "G"Masami Ueda2:17
30.And After That...Shusaku Uchiyama1:30
31.Credit LineMasami Ueda2:32
TOTAL TIME: 1:06:40
Released: Aug 21, 1998
Media Format: 2 CD
Catalog Number: CPCA-1011

Disc 1

1.The evil eyeSyun Nishigaki0:20
2.Prologue ~to know the true end~Masami Ueda1:02
3.Weapons don't give us reliefMasami Ueda0:56
4.Falling victim to the ex-neighborsMasami Ueda0:29
5.Drove the passengers to be the living deadShusaku Uchiyama1:14
6.Left alone?Shusaku Uchiyama1:20
7.The buildup of suspenseMasami Ueda0:46
8.Screaming targetMasami Ueda0:25
9.Above the blood poolShusaku Uchiyama0:36
10.Nothing more to do hereShusaku Uchiyama2:40
11.Hope against hopeMasami Ueda1:28
12.Who's that lady?Masami Ueda1:18
13.Madness under the maskShusaku Uchiyama3:02
14.Now in two piecesMasami Ueda0:11
15.Embryo into its cradleMasami Ueda0:21
16.His final scoopMasami Ueda0:55
17.Destined to be malformedSyun Nishigaki1:23
18.Don't look up!Masami Ueda0:17
19.Dropping into the waterSyun Nishigaki0:04
20.Wandering aloneMasami Ueda1:35
21.Dropping againSyun Nishigaki0:18
22.Heads up!Shusaku Uchiyama0:12
23.Women squaring offMasami Ueda1:12
24.The gigantic alligatorShusaku Uchiyama0:49
25."It" is after youShusaku Uchiyama0:47
26.This is my nestSyun Nishigaki2:40
27.Like a shadowSyun Nishigaki1:45
28.The shadow is gone?Shusaku Uchiyama0:46
29.Wreckage of the mad experimentMasami Ueda1:58
30.Fearful is no word for itMasami Ueda2:10
31.Maximize your survival instinctMasami Ueda1:24
32.To another nightmareMasami Ueda0:22
33.The daredevil fourMasami Ueda0:54
34.Your missionMasami Ueda1:03
35.Set about the missionMasami Ueda1:40
36.Mission accomplishedMasami Ueda0:09
37.Under cover of darknessShusaku Uchiyama1:32
38.Long and gloomy underground passageShusaku Uchiyama1:53
39.We will never dieMasami Ueda1:34
40.Find the final one!Masami Ueda1:49
41.Dawn never fails to comeShusaku Uchiyama1:11
42."The ultimate bio-weapon" MedleyMasami Ueda8:19

Disc 2

1.Start~CursorHideaki Utsumi, Wataru Hama0:38
2.DoorHideaki Utsumi, Wataru Hama1:35
3.FootStepHideaki Utsumi, Wataru Hama1:14
4.EnemyHideaki Utsumi, Wataru Hama8:06
5.WeaponHideaki Utsumi, Wataru Hama1:26
6.RoomHideaki Utsumi, Wataru Hama2:56
7.Character's Voiceapple z0:55
8.サウンド開発スタッフの声Interview With The ComposersMasami Ueda, Shusaku Uchiyama, Syun Nishigaki4:33
Released: Apr 21, 1999
Media Format: 1 CD, 1 Vinyl
Catalog Number: CPCA-1027
1.BIO HAZARD Beast from the east mix 1Piston Nishizawa6:56
2.BIO HAZARD Beast from the east mix 2Piston Nishizawa6:05
3.BIO HAZARD I'm really mad mixPiston Nishizawa5:27
4.BIO HAZARD Over kill mixPiston Nishizawa6:17
Released: Oct 21, 1999
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: CPCA-1034
3.The beginning of the storyMasami Ueda4:29
4.I:Peace of MindMasami Ueda2:31
5.II:Fearful is no word for itMasami Ueda4:13
6.III:Secure placeMasami Ueda4:03
7."The ultimate bio-weapon" Medley (Orchestral Version)Masami Ueda9:37
11.Land of confusionMasami Ueda5:33
12.Special end titleMasami Ueda6:13
1.第一夜「二人の少女」The First Night "Two Girls"Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoshitaka Hirota11:13
2.第二夜「ラクーンシティ再び…」The Second Night "Raccoon City Once More..."Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoshitaka Hirota11:39
3.第三夜「悪魔の子・シェリー」The Third Night "Demon Child Sherry"Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoshitaka Hirota12:06
4.第四夜「シェリー・生きなさい!」The Fourth Night "Sherry, Live!"Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoshitaka Hirota10:46
1.第一夜「フランス軍出動」The First Night "The French Force Dispatch"Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoshitaka Hirota
2.第二夜「悪夢の古城」The Second Night "The Old Castle of Nightmares"Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoshitaka Hirota
3.第三夜「レオン…。」The Third Night "Leon..."Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoshitaka Hirota
4.第四夜「よみがえれ、エイダ!」The Fourth Night "Come Back to Life, Ada!"Yasunori Mitsuda, Yoshitaka Hirota
Released: Mar 9, 2005
Media Format: 6 CD
Catalog Number: CPCA-10104~9

Disc 01 : BIOHAZARD 2 Best Track Collection

1.The evil eyeSyun Nishigaki0:20
2.The Beginning Of StoryMasami Ueda3:43
3.Racoon CityMasami Ueda1:47
4.The Front HallMasami Ueda1:52
5.The First FloorShusaku Uchiyama3:04
6.The Second FloorShusaku Uchiyama2:54
7.Screaming targetMasami Ueda0:25
8.Secure PlaceMasami Ueda0:54
9.Leon With ClaireMasami Ueda1:27
10.The LibraryMasami Ueda1:40
11.Sherry's ThemeShusaku Uchiyama1:42
12.The Basement Of Police StationShusaku Uchiyama2:02
13."T"-AMasami Ueda1:19
14.The First Malformation Of "G"Masami Ueda2:17
15.Annette's RecollectionShusaku Uchiyama, Syun Nishigaki2:17
16.Ada's ThemeMasami Ueda1:20
17.The Marshalling Yard (The First Half)Masami Ueda2:28
18.The Marshalling Yard (The Second Half)Masami Ueda3:41
19.The Second Malformation Of "G"Masami Ueda1:36
20.The Underground LaboratoryNaoshi Mizuta2:29
21.Is Ada Spy!?Syun Nishigaki2:26
22.Wreckage of the mad experimentMasami Ueda1:58
23.Good Bye, Leon...Syun Nishigaki2:24
24.MotherSyun Nishigaki2:01
25.One More KissShusaku Uchiyama1:03
26.Escape From LaboratorySyun Nishigaki3:05
27."T"-BMasami Ueda2:50
28.The Third Malformation Of "G"Masami Ueda2:17
29.Normal End TitleMasami Ueda1:42
30.Special End TitleMasami Ueda2:16
31.Credit Line Of Whole StaffMasami Ueda2:33
32.And After That...Shusaku Uchiyama1:30
33.Fearful is no word for itMasami Ueda2:10
34.Maximize your survival instinctMasami Ueda1:24
35."The ultimate bio-weapon" MedleyMasami Ueda8:19
TOTAL TIME: 1:17:15