Resident Evil 2

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Raccoon City has somehow fallen victim to a zombie outbreak and it's up to you as either police officer Leon Kennedy, or Claire Redfield (sister to Chris Redfield from RE1), to find out what's going on. The adventure, which takes place in 3D using pre-rendered backgrounds, drags you through spooky crash sites, abandoned buildings, experiments gone wrong and more -- all the while battling undead monstrosities, solving puzzles and, most of all, trying to stay alive. Lots of weapons and other gadgetry allow for some truly disgusting mayhem. RE2 for GameCube is a port of the Dreamcast game of the same name (which in turn was an enhanced port of the PSX title). New EX files reveal more details about the overall franchise storyline, and the graphics run in hi-res, but those are the only differences.


2 separate adventures: Play as Leon or Claire in an all out struggle for survival
Loaded with hidden items and vital information about the Resident Evil saga
Adjust the intensity of the game according to player's skill and experience