Resident Evil® 3: Nemesis
Jan 15, 2003
Survival Horror
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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Albums

Released: Sep 22, 1999
Media Format: 2 CD
Catalog Number: CPCA-1032~3

Disc 1

1.The Last EscapeMasami Ueda0:15
2.Option ScreenSaori Maeda0:52
3.Title CallingSaori Maeda0:04
4.Her DeterminationSaori Maeda0:54
5.The OpeningMasami Ueda1:29
6.The Beginning Of NightmareSaori Maeda1:22
7.Is There A Way Out?Saori Maeda0:32
8.The Great NovelistMasami Ueda1:46
9.Free From FearSaori Maeda2:31
10.Meeting BradSaori Maeda1:06
11.Cold SweatSaori Maeda0:43
12.The City Of RuinMasami Ueda2:31
13.Imminent SlaughterMasami Ueda0:26
14.Nemesis' ThemeMasami Ueda1:16
15.Feel The Tense...Masami Ueda2:04
16.The Front HallMasami Ueda1:52
17.The First FloorShusaku Uchiyama3:04
18.Well Dressed UpSaori Maeda1:00
19.The City Without HopeMasami Ueda3:23
20.Watch Out For Your BackSaori Maeda1:05
21.Carlos' ThemeSaori Maeda1:28
22.Never Give Up The EscapeMasami Ueda2:29
23.Nicholai's ThemeSaori Maeda1:39
24.Together For The EscapeSaori Maeda1:21
25.ValedictionMasami Ueda2:40
26.Coldhearted SoldierMasami Ueda2:25
27.Quick & Fast ReliefMasami Ueda0:08
28.The Common CureMasami Ueda0:10
29.Escape To EcstasyMasami Ueda0:07
30.Zombies TrespassingMasami Ueda0:21
31.Free FallingMasami Ueda0:53
32.Abrupt GunfireMasami Ueda1:10
33.Don't Come Any Closer!Masami Ueda1:22
34.Complete RestMasami Ueda2:36
35.Hero TimeMasami Ueda2:17
36.S.G.G.S. ExplosionSaori Maeda0:13
37.Pride And ValorSaori Maeda0:25
38.An Impending DangerSaori Maeda0:46
39.Cable Car CrashSaori Maeda0:13

Disc 2

1.Ominous PresentimentSaori Maeda0:09
2.The Clock TowerSaori Maeda3:27
3.Don't Lose CourageSaori Maeda1:57
4.No Rest For The WickedMasami Ueda2:40
5.Mysterious Orgel (Correct)Masami Ueda0:12
6.Mysterious Orgel (Wrong)Masami Ueda0:12
7.From Relief To TerrorMasami Ueda0:30
8.Menacing NemesisMasami Ueda1:28
9.Unstoppable NemesisMasami Ueda1:44
10.Bring Back Her ConsciousnessSaori Maeda2:22
11.The HospitalSaori Maeda2:42
12.TraitorMasami Ueda1:05
13.Almost There...Masami Ueda0:20
14.Nemesis AgainMasami Ueda1:55
15.Nothing But A PawnSaori Maeda1:13
16.Earthquake?Saori Maeda0:19
17.The Grave DiggerSaori Maeda1:44
18.The ParkSaori Maeda2:44
19.The Disused PlantSaori Maeda2:40
20.All Of A SuddenSaori Maeda0:34
21.The Worst ScenarioSaori Maeda1:35
22.Defiant BehaviorSaori Maeda0:47
23.The Last ArgumentSaori Maeda1:46
24.Deservedly DeathSaori Maeda0:18
25.Four Minutes Before The TreatmeMasami Ueda1:06
26.Nemesis Doesn't Give UpMasami Ueda3:21
27.Treated To ResurrectSaori Maeda0:16
28.Missile ApproachingSaori Maeda3:08
29.Against the ChopperSaori Maeda1:35
30.Emergency Level DSaori Maeda2:59
31.Nemesis Final MetamorphosisMasami Ueda3:37
32.The Last DecisionMasami Ueda0:37
33.The Second Chopper (Ver.1)Masami Ueda0:08
34.The Second Chopper (Ver.2)Masami Ueda0:23
35.The Second Chopper (Ver.3)Masami Ueda0:35
36.Euthanasia Of Raccoon CityMasami Ueda0:56
37.Unfortunate EventMasami Ueda1:04
38.Staffs & CreditsMasami Ueda1:59
39.Ever AfterSaori Maeda1:45
40.Title Calling (Arranged Ver.)Saori Maeda0:04
41.Choose The Best OneMasami Ueda1:18
42.The Doomed CitySaori Maeda2:39
43.Hellish AgonyMasami Ueda2:57
44.Freedom ObtainedSaori Maeda1:14
45.Reward And ResultSaori Maeda1:10
46.CM-1 (Short Ver.)Saori Maeda0:15
47.CM-2 (Long Ver.)Saori Maeda0:30
TOTAL TIME: 1:07:59
Released: Oct 21, 1999
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: CPCA-1034
8.I:The 1st stageMasami Ueda2:20
9.II:The OpeningMasami Ueda1:37
10.III:Save room ~ repriseMasami Ueda1:35
11.Land of confusionMasami Ueda5:33
Released: Mar 9, 2005
Media Format: 6 CD
Catalog Number: CPCA-10104~9

Disc 01 : BIOHAZARD 2 Best Track Collection

4.The Front HallMasami Ueda1:52
5.The First FloorShusaku Uchiyama3:04

Disc 02 : BIOHAZARD 3 LAST ESCAPE Best Track Collection

1.The Last EscapeMasami Ueda0:15
2.Her DeterminationSaori Maeda0:54
3.The OpeningMasami Ueda1:29
4.The Beginning Of NightmareSaori Maeda1:22
5.Free From FearSaori Maeda2:31
6.Cold SweatSaori Maeda0:43
7.The City Of RuinMasami Ueda2:31
8.Imminent SlaughterMasami Ueda0:26
9.Nemesis' ThemeMasami Ueda1:16
10.Feel The Tense...Masami Ueda2:04
11.Well Dressed UpSaori Maeda1:00
12.The City Without HopeMasami Ueda3:23
13.Carlos' ThemeSaori Maeda1:28
14.Never Give Up The EscapeMasami Ueda2:29
15.Nicholai's ThemeSaori Maeda1:39
16.Pride And ValorSaori Maeda0:25
17.The Clock TowerSaori Maeda3:27
18.Mysterious Orgel (Correct)Masami Ueda0:12
19.From Relief To TerrorMasami Ueda0:30
20.Unstoppable NemesisMasami Ueda1:44
21.Bring Back Her ConsciousnessSaori Maeda2:22
22.The HospitalSaori Maeda2:42
23.Nemesis AgainMasami Ueda1:55
24.The Grave DiggerSaori Maeda1:44
25.The ParkSaori Maeda2:44
26.The Disused PlantSaori Maeda2:40
27.The Last ArgumentSaori Maeda1:46
28.Four Minutes Before The TreatmeMasami Ueda1:06
29.Nemesis Doesn't Give UpMasami Ueda3:21
30.Missile ApproachingSaori Maeda3:08
31.Emergency Level DSaori Maeda2:59
32.Nemesis Final MetamorphosisMasami Ueda3:37
33.The Last DecisionMasami Ueda0:37
34.Euthanasia Of Raccoon CityMasami Ueda0:56
35.Unfortunate EventMasami Ueda1:04
36.Staffs & CreditsMasami Ueda1:59
37.Ever AfterSaori Maeda1:45
38.Choose The Best OneMasami Ueda1:18
39.The Doomed CitySaori Maeda2:39
40.Hellish AgonyMasami Ueda2:57
41.Freedom ObtainedSaori Maeda1:14
42.Reward And ResultSaori Maeda1:10
TOTAL TIME: 1:15:31