Mario Party 3

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If you're looking for the wildest, most fun-loving, laugh-inducing, button-mashing party game in town then look no further than Mario Party 3. What's the object? It's simple--collect more sparkling stars than your eager opponents. You do this by choosing a famous Nintendo mascot to control (like Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, or Donkey Kong), rolling 3D dice, and taking turns traveling around a giant gameboard. Landing on different spots opens up various mini-games to play and this time around there are 70 to choose from. You'll do battle, jump, run, and shoot in a wooden horse race, work a Tetris-like Dossun Puzzle, and compete in Tarzan Race, Heyho Roulette, Awful Tower, Snowball Summit, and 64 more! MARIO PARTY 3 is all about multiplayer mayhem, and you'll go nuts taking on up to three of your closest friends. So send out the invites, pull up some chairs, and get partying!


Famous Nintendo characters
70 varied mini-games
10 different map boards
Four-player support
Colorful, detailed environments