Ghost in the Shell®
Nov 3, 1997
Action, Third-person Shooter
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Ghost in the Shell

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The Human Liberation Movement is bent on destroying cyborgs. To accomplish this, they destroy the cyborg-body developer, Mega Tech Body Corporation. Unfortunately, they also kill about 100 innocent people. You take the role of Major Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg assigned to the public safety bureau, Section 9. Travel through 12 top-secret missions as you try to stop the Human Liberation Movement. Thankfully, you have the services of a fuchikoma, a giant spider like tank, available to you. Should you find yourself being blown to bits on a regular basis, use the Training mode to get all of the intricacies of the controls down pat. Over 10 minutes of hand drawn animation adds substantial graphical appeal to the title. Only you can help Major Kusanagi defeat the terrorists and protect the city in Ghost in the Shell.


12 missions
2 playable modes
Over 15 minutes of animations
Giant 360 degree 3D rendered worlds