PixelJunk 4am


This visualizer app by iconoclastic developer Q-Games and designer Baiyon allows gamers to express themselves via PlayStation Move. From the crazy, ambient, mellow world which only exists within the mind of Baiyon, PixelJunk 4AM reflects a huge departure from previous PixelJunk titles by putting the power of creation directly at your fingertips.

Utilizing the PlayStation Move motion controller and its full range of motion, players can use PixelJunk 4AM's unique Virtual Audio Canvas to mix tracks and experiment with audio effects to create breathtaking compositions they can share and broadcast to anyone and everyone!


PlayStation Move Exclusive – Q-Games puts the power of creation in your hands, giving you the ability to blend new tracks, sound effects and create unique visuals on the screen by simply using the PlayStation Move controller.
Virtual Audio Canvas – “Paint” with sound in 3D space by pulling new tracks from the surrounding audio palette. With the Virtual Audio Canvas, you can be a master musician.
Unique, Interactive Visual Experience – Players can move to the mellow sounds of Baiyon and create visuals organically according to each player’s movements, creating a unique experience unlike any other music visualizer. You are not just conducting a set, you are creating it!
Broadcast Your Performance – Find your audience by broadcasting your performance to the world as if you were performing live at a club!