Mario Party® 4
Oct 21, 2002
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Mario Party 4


The fourth installment of the wildly selling four-player party game walks the same path that the previous titles did, banking on the power of 50 totally new mini-games and vastly improved graphics to do the selling. Four people trek their way around an interactive game board and indulge in a wide variety of mini-games after each turn. Instead of points, you earn coins, which allow you to buy stars if you land on the correct space. The player with the most stars and coins wins. As for the very important mini-game challenges, they range from free-for-alls, to 1v3, to 2v2 matches. There are five totally new game boards available from the get-go, ranging from haunted Boo-themed environments to the tropical Koopa's Seaside Soiree.


Several modes to choose from including single-player Story mode, pure Mini-Game mode, Party mode, and more
50 completely new, never-before-seen mini-games
Five all-new game boards with more events and spaces
Support for up to four players
Team play available
Buy items in the Item Shop to change the odds
Play as your favorite Nintendo characters including Mario, Peach, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Daisy, Yoshi, Wario and Waluigi