Spy Fiction™
Aug 31, 2004
Action-adventure, Stealth

Spy Fiction

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In Spy Fiction, players assume the roles of SEA Phantom Strike members Bishop and Sheila to unravel a mysterious terrorist plot threatening the world with biotech weaponry. Spy Fiction is heavy with spy gadgets and weapons and supposedly introduces new elements to stealth; including an optical camouflage suit and the ability to disguise yourself as any character in the game. In a unique twist, players can control the completely interactive cutscenes using the in-game engine, and follow the various mission briefings in the form of mini-games to make the next areas more or less difficult.


Groundbreaking ability for players to use a high-tech 3D camera in conjunction with an optical camouflage suit to assume the identity of any character in the game
Previously released in Japan, for the U.S. Sammy Studios has added significant enhancements in graphics, game design and artificial intelligence (A.I.), all-new gadgets and abilities, dynamic light and shadows, and new dialogue and voice-acting
Tons of gadgets: 3D camera for identity theft, Spider-Grip wall climbing device, rappelling harness, sticky cameras, patch grenades and more
Action-oriented puzzles and mini-games, such as the high altitude, low opening (H.A.L.O.) parachute insertion that opens the game
Superb character design of anime illustrator Renji Murata
2 playable characters, with multiple endings, secret missions and un-lockable