Hell Yeah!™ Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
Sep 26, 2012
Action, Platform
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Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Albums

Released: Oct 3, 2012
Media Format: Digital Download
Catalog Number: N/A
1.Turn it on! (Volcano Zone)Xavier Thiry0:29
2.On a Ride (Sylvain Hellio Remix) (Volcano Zone)Xavier Thiry3:31
3.Entering the Caves (Volcano Zone)Sylvain Hellio3:30
4.Synthetic Chill (Factory Zone)Sylvain Hellio3:31
5.Danger, Danger! (Factory Zone)Sylvain Hellio3:24
6.Mystical Cells (Jail Zone)Sylvain Hellio2:48
7.The Chase (Jail Zone)Sylvain Hellio2:56
8.Funky Diving (Jail Zone)Sylvain Hellio3:07
9.Shinny Journey (Casino Zone)Sylvain Hellio2:39
10.Tricky Slots (Casino Zone)Sylvain Hellio0:55
11.California Lame (Casino Zone)Sylvain Hellio3:09
12.Pimp it Up! (Shop Theme)Sylvain Hellio0:57
13.Orbital Blast (Space Zone)Sylvain Hellio4:47
14.Beyond the Stars (Space Zone)Sylvain Hellio3:11
15.Nestor, we got a problem (Psychedelic Zone)Sylvain Hellio3:10
16.Psychodelik (Psychedelic Zone)Sylvain Hellio4:57
17.Hell 2099 (Ruins Zone)Xavier Thiry2:52
18.Clap your Pawns (Ruins Zone)Sylvain Hellio3:13
19.The Bunny Song (Cute Zone)Clotilde Chevalier5:10
20.Tekno Kidz (Cute Zone)Sylvain Hellio3:47
21.Electric Spleen (Club Zone)Sylvain Hellio4:16
22.Movyaboday (Club Zone)Sylvain Hellio5:11
23.Classic Porn Scene (Club Zone)Sylvain Hellio1:15
24.Rockin' Rocks (Volcano Zone)Sylvain Hellio3:16
25.To the West (Museum Zone)Sylvain Hellio4:11
26.Final Slash! (Museum Zone)Sylvain Hellio2:39
27.Brutal Kombat (Boss Zones)Xavier Thiry2:00
28.Kazatchok! (Interlude)Sylvain Hellio0:29
29.From Hell, with LoveSylvain Hellio2:17
30.Call Now! (Minigame A)Sylvain Hellio1:11
31.Unmissable Sales! (Minigame B)Sylvain Hellio1:20
32.Virtual Rabbit (Special Mission)Sylvain Hellio0:46
33.8-bit Rabbit (Minigame C)Sylvain Hellio0:42
34.Your Call is important to us (Loading)Sylvain Hellio1:05
35.The Bunny Song - Acoustic (End Credits)Clotilde Chevalier4:29
TOTAL TIME: 1:37:10