Crüe Ball

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If your idea of a great game is to combine the heavy metal mastery of Motley Crüe with pinball, then you'll be in video game heaven with Crüe Ball. That's exactly what you get in Crüe Ball a pinball simulation with a Motley Crüe theme that will delight any metalhead. There are nine levels of challenging pinball action, created by some of the world's leading pinball designers so you know you're in for a solid game of pinball action! You'll also get three Motley Crüe hits to get your adrenaline pumping: Dr. Feelgood, Home, Sweet Home, and Live Wire. As if that weren't enough, you'll also get a special appearance by the Crüe's mascot, Allister Fiend. Whether you're a Motley Crüe fan, a pinball enthusiast, or both, you're headed for a bangin' good time with Crüe Ball.


Motley Crüe's first appearance in a video game
Nine levels of intense pinball action
Three Crüe songs to get you fired up
Special appearance by Alister Fiend
Created by real-world pinball designers