Sonic Adventure™
Sep 9, 1999
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Sonic Adventure

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The hedgehog with an attitude makes his triumphant return to the world of videogames in Sonic Adventure. Using the power of the Dreamcast, Sonic has been catapulted into the third dimension with style. Racing at supersonic speeds through nearly 50 gorgeous, fully 3D levels, Sonic will have to adapt to the new challenges and dangers invented by the evil Dr. Robotnik. Sonic knows when he's outmatched, though, so he's recruited five friends including Amy Rose, Tails, and Knuckles to help him put a stop to Robotnik's evil scheme. Each playable character features different abilities, playing through levels differently and seeing the story evolve from their own perspectives. Players can even collect tiny creatures called Chao, save them to a VMU, and raise them on the go then bring them back into the game world for competition! Your favorite blue hedgehog enters the next generation of games with style in Sonic Adventure.


3D graphics
50 levels
Six playable characters
Each character has unique levels