The Legend of Zelda®: Majora's Mask™
Oct 26, 2000
Wii Virtual Console

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

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Majora's Mask features vintage Legend of Zelda gameplay with a three-day twist, including all the swordplay, boomerang throwing and clever puzzles introduced into the 3D realm by Ocarina of Time. Time passes as you explore the overworld -- but each minute truly counts in Termina. If you don't save someone on the first day, it may be too late on the next. There are no time-outs in Majora's Mask. After 72 (game time) hours, the world ends because an evil, grinning moon crashes into the planet. There is of course Link's compact time machine: the Ocarina. But Link can only jump backwards to the first day of his adventure, which means pretty much everything he accomplished since then is effectively erased. How do you stop the world from ending when there is no way to explore everything in three days and if all you do becomes meaningless anyway the moment you travel back in time?


Variety of items and equipment
Variety of chracters and locations
Fully 3D rendered graphics
Day and night sequences
Clear music and detailed sound effects