Pac-Man World™ 2
Feb 24, 2002
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Pac-Man World 2

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Pac-Man World 2, by Namco for the PS2, takes the remake of the classic arcade game to a new level with 3D graphics and more. Just like in the arcade version, gamers must help Pac-man catch the five fruit pieces that the ghosts have taken. But, unlike the original, this version has a twist when the ghosts stole the fruit from the tree, they released a much greater evil, which Pac-man has to stop by replacing the fruit. The game includes over 20 levels over 6 worlds, where Pac-man must adapt by using different ways of moving about including skating and swimming, which is one of the features that makes the second game stand out from the first. In Pac-Man World 2, the play is exciting and intense the whole time. Not only do players have to avoid obstacles and minor opponents, but also players sometimes must fight one of the four ghost monsters. While the game is a total remake of the arcade game, it certainly does so with brilliance and simplicity. And in this second version of the remake, Pac-Man World 2 becomes even better with its interesting levels, colorful graphics, and Pac-man's new quirky moves.


Classic characters
3D graphics
Ports of original Pac-Man games
Seven worlds
Single-player action