Tekken™ Tag Tournament
Oct 25, 2000
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Tekken Tag Tournament Albums

Released: Sep 21, 1999
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: APCG-4046
1.AttractYū Miyake0:25
2.Character SelectAkitaka Tohyama0:58
3.JinNobuyoshi Sano2:39
4.PaulAkitaka Tohyama2:49
5.KingYū Miyake2:39
6.XiaoyuKeiichi Okabe2:53
7.SchoolNobuyoshi Sano2:20
8.LawYū Miyake2:36
9.NinaAkitaka Tohyama2:35
10.HwoarangKeiichi Okabe3:12
11.YoshimitsuNobuyoshi Sano2:55
12.EddyYū Miyake2:44
13.LeiAkitaka Tohyama3:02
14.OgreKeiichi Okabe2:49
15.Middle BossNobuyoshi Sano2:33
16.Last BossYū Miyake2:53
17.ResultAkitaka Tohyama1:33
18.Continue?Akitaka Tohyama0:30
19.Name EntryAkitaka Tohyama0:46
20.RannyuuRio Hamamoto0:01
21.JoinRio Hamamoto0:01
Released: Jun 7, 2000
Media Format: 1 CD
Catalog Number: ZMCX-1094
1.Opening MovieAkitaka Tohyama1:13
2.EMBUKeiichi Okabe0:37
3.AttractYū Miyake0:25
4.Character SelectAkitaka Tohyama0:47
5.JinNobuyoshi Sano2:58
6.PaulAkitaka Tohyama2:14
7.HwoarangKeiichi Okabe3:28
8.EddyYū Miyake3:29
9.YoshimitsuNobuyoshi Sano3:14
10.LeiAkitaka Tohyama3:14
11.OgreKeiichi Okabe3:15
12.LawYū Miyake2:19
13.SchoolNobuyoshi Sano3:00
14.NinaAkitaka Tohyama3:01
15.XiaoyuKeiichi Okabe3:03
16.KingYū Miyake3:39
17.HeihachiNobuyoshi Sano3:14
18.UnknownKeiichi Okabe3:03
19.Unknown MovieYoshihito Yano0:24
20.Ending ReplayYoshihito Yano1:03
21.Staff RollKeiichi Okabe3:03
22.Continue?Satoru Kōsaki0:30
23.Name EntrySatoru Kōsaki0:39
24.RannyuuSatoru Kōsaki0:02
25.JoinSatoru Kōsaki0:03
26.StrikeAkitaka Tohyama0:04
27.SpareAkitaka Tohyama0:04
28.MissAkitaka Tohyama0:05
29.ResultAkitaka Tohyama1:33
30.Xiaoyu vs. BKO (Remix Version)Keiichi Okabe4:09
31.King vs. U (Remix Version)Yū Miyake4:13
32.Yoshimitsu vs. Sanodg (Remix Version)Nobuyoshi Sano4:20
33.Lei vs. Tohyama (Remix Version)Akitaka Tohyama4:21
TOTAL TIME: 1:10:46
Released: Sep 27, 2011
Media Format: Digital Download
Catalog Number: N/A
1.Opening MovieAkitaka Tohyama1:13
2.EMBUKeiichi Okabe0:37
3.Character SelectAkitaka Tohyama0:47
4.JinNobuyoshi Sano2:58
5.PaulAkitaka Tohyama2:14
6.KingYū Miyake3:39
7.XiaoyuKeiichi Okabe3:03
8.SchoolNobuyoshi Sano3:00
9.LawYū Miyake2:19
10.NinaAkitaka Tohyama3:01
11.HwoarangKeiichi Okabe3:28
12.YoshimitsuNobuyoshi Sano3:14
13.EddyYū Miyake3:29
14.LeiAkitaka Tohyama3:14
15.OgreKeiichi Okabe3:15
16.HeihachiNobuyoshi Sano3:14
17.UnknownKeiichi Okabe3:03
18.Unknown MovieYoshihito Yano0:24
19.Ending ReplayYoshihito Yano1:03
20.Staff RollKeiichi Okabe3:03
21.Continue?Satoru Kōsaki0:30
22.Name EntrySatoru Kōsaki0:39
23.RannyuuSatoru Kōsaki0:02
24.JoinSatoru Kōsaki0:03
25.StrikeAkitaka Tohyama0:04
26.SpareAkitaka Tohyama0:04
27.MissAkitaka Tohyama0:05
28.AttractYū Miyake0:25
29.Character SelectAkitaka Tohyama0:58
30.JinNobuyoshi Sano2:39
31.PaulAkitaka Tohyama2:49
32.KingYū Miyake2:39
33.XiaoyuKeiichi Okabe2:53
34.SchoolNobuyoshi Sano2:20
35.LawYū Miyake2:36
36.NinaAkitaka Tohyama2:35
37.HwoarangKeiichi Okabe3:12
38.YoshimitsuNobuyoshi Sano2:55
39.EddyYū Miyake2:44
40.LeiAkitaka Tohyama3:02
41.OgreKeiichi Okabe2:49
42.Middle BossNobuyoshi Sano2:33
43.Last BossYū Miyake2:53
44.ResultAkitaka Tohyama1:33
45.Continue?Akitaka Tohyama0:30
46.Name EntryAkitaka Tohyama0:46
47.RannyuuRio Hamamoto0:01
48.JoinRio Hamamoto0:01
TOTAL TIME: 1:34:38
Part of Collection
PlayStation 3Nov 22, 2011
A massive combination of Tekken action, Tekken Hybrid includes the full-length 3D compatible feature film Tekken Blood Vengeance 3D on Blu-Ray disc as well as two games playable on PlayStation 3: Tekken Tag Tournament HD and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue. Tekken Tag Tournament HD -- This is a high-definition remake of the classic from the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Boasting a 20-fighter plus cast of characters, Tekken Tag…