Twisted Metal III

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Pile into vehicular combat pandemonium with Twisted Metal III from Sony. In this fresh take on the Twisted Metal series, contamination and craziness have scattered across the land like a curse. You are the sleekest and smartest automobile assassin around. Your assignment is to choose from diverse, specially equipped, battle-scarred street machines like taxicabs, police cars, motorcycles, and ice cream trucks, and compete in contests of vehicular brutality and Spartacus-style survival. Bask in the glow of striking, 3D, destructible terrain as you veer from structure to dwelling and street to sewer in an effort to sidestep your crazed pursuers and emerge triumphant. In Single-Player mode or Head-to-Head PlayStation-networked conflict, you'll dash through diverse, vast worlds, firing and scheming against fiendish foes and grotesque criminals. Engage in deadly armed conflict with weapons like machine guns, flamethrowers, napalm and heat-seeking missiles and bang your head to a pounding rock soundtrack from Rob Zombie and Pitchshifter. In the demented, non-stop gameplay of Twisted Metal III you'll have to think fast, fight hard, out-gun, and out-drive your competition if you want to survive.


14 characters with unique vehicles and weapons
Detailed interactive 3D rendered levels
Variety of power-ups, hidden items, and characters
Four camera angles
Up to four player Battle mode