Twisted Metal 4

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Slam into vehicular combat action with Twisted Metal 4 from Sony. In this souped-up addition to the Twisted Metal series, destruction and madness have spread across the land like a disease. You are the quickest and meanest racer alive, and your task is to choose from varied, heavily armed, hi-tech street machines like police cars, taxicabs, motorcycles, and ice cream trucks to compete in contests of aggressive Road Warrior-style survival. Try to find the time to take in the awesome, highly interactive 3D scenery as you smash from building to building and road to road in an attempt to outrun your evil pursuers and emerge as the victor. In Single-Player mode or Head-to-Head PlayStation-networked battle, you'll fight through expansive levels, shooting and maneuvering against fearsome foes and weird criminals. Wade into combat with weapons like homing-missiles, machine guns, flamethrowers, and napalm as you slam to a hard-rocking soundtrack from Cypress Hill and Rob Zombie. In the psycho, winner-take-all world of Twisted Metal 4, you'll need an iron will and super-human skills to survive the hellish demolition derby.


20 new characters with customizable vehicles
8 new levels
Detailed interactive 3D rendered levels
Variety of weapons, power-ups, and hidden items
Music by huge bands like Rob Zombie and Cyress Hill
Up to 4 player battle mode