The Bunny Song - Acoustic (End Credits) Lyrics – Clotilde Chevalier

Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Original Soundtrack

You're a fancy bunny
Together, we're happy
You will be my honey
We'll never be lonely

Little rabbit, oh my little rabbit,
Welcome home to,
Welcome home to this amazing world

Here, there is all that you want
A rainbow even a double rainbow
Hearts flying around you

Don't be sick, oh don't throw up
Finally a level that is so cute
It is a wonderful moment
To dream with me
To dreams with you
To dream...

※ repeat

Little rabbit, oh my little rabbit
Deep inside you, deep inside you
You're not a nasty one

Elsewhere, life is so hard
Here, you'll find everything you need
Neither bomb nor blood river

Dry the tears from your golden eyes
Relax, take a deep breath and smile
It is a wonderful moment
To sing with me
To sing with you
To sing...

※ repeat

Little rabbit, oh my little rabbit
You dress so well, you dress so well
Just like a superstar

Your bones sparkle with beauty
You swing your hips, you walk with purpose
Confidence and determination

You have nothing to hide,
But everybody knows under your cape
There's a little carrot saying "I love youuuu"
I love you
I love you

※ repeat

Lala lala lala
Lala lala lala
My hero, come with me
Together, it's lovely!